Seth Sawant

8th place

24335 points


Hint for mystery zip


Hint for openssl


Hint for who is the queen of cyber?



Challenge Category Value Time
what is base (2^6) misc50
openssl crypto100
who is the queen of cyber? recon100
bof_1 pwn5
bof_2 pwn5
bof_3 pwn15
forensics warmup 2 picoctf50
reversing warmup 1 picoctf50
forensics warmup 1 picoctf50
desrouleax picoctf150
hex editor picoctf150
general warmup 1 picoctf50
general warmup 2 picoctf50
general warmup 3 picoctf50
reversing warmup 2 picoctf50
crypto warmup 2 picoctf75
grep 1 picoctf75
how2re reversing20000
Inspect Me picoctf125
net cat picoctf75
grep 2 picoctf125
HEEEEEEERE'S Johnny! picoctf100
strings picoctf100
pipe picoctf124
buttons picoctf250
bandit0 bandit1
bandit1 bandit10
bandit2 bandit10
bandit3 bandit10
bandit4 bandit10
bandit5 bandit50
bandit6 bandit10
bandit7 bandit10
irish name repo picoctf200
web mtg meetings500
crypto mtg meetings500
what is sha1 hash of "h" crypto meeting50
rot13 crypto meeting50
xor intro crypto meeting100
printf mtg meetings500
printf 1 printf mtg50
printf 2 printf mtg50
printf 3 printf mtg100
printf 4 printf mtg150